Why to use Bitcoin

It’s independent of banks and governments. The concept of it is a peer-to-peer transaction which is fully unregulated by any third party. That’s why funding your Bitcoin sportsbook/casino/poker account is a secure and private transaction between you and sportsbook/casino/poker room.

For example in USA bettors are restricted by federal laws on sport betting and because of that, banks and financial institutions are blocking attempts to deposit money to online sportsbook accounts. So when they use a bank account or debit card or credit card, all these transactions must be authorized by a trusted THIRD PARTY.

So in this case, the solution for all American bettors would be using Bitcoin sportsbooks as there is NO THIRD PARTY to block them from funding their accounts!

Also, by cutting the middleman out you are getting rid of a fees. If you are using an ordinary sportsbook a deposit by using your debit card was probably free. But when you try to collect your winnings you are usually forced to pay a FEE. It’s because online sportsbooks are charged by their processors (third party/middleman) for a transactions and they are just passing their costs on you (customer).

So, by using a Bitcoin sportsbooks if there is no third party, no middleman ther is NO FEES.

Another big advantage is SPEED. Specially speed of withdrawals. After a traditional online sportsbooks sends out checks or bank wire transfers to satisfy a withdrawal order a bettor have to wait days or more for money to arrive. By using Bitcoin it’s a matter of minutes or maximally one hour.

Last, but not least Bitcoin transactions are SAFE. You are not putting any card details and security codes into risk by typing them into unsecured websites. You only need your address, private and public keys. You can find more details about Bitcoin transactions in our section about Bitcoin wallets (SEM PRIDE LINK)

If you are interested into more detailed explanation of what Bitcoin is and how it’s working you can have a look at wikipedia.

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