To keep things simple, it’s a type of a digital cash and it can be used as a payment for goods, products or services.

So imagine:

  • when you used to purchase some goods online you used your credit card and you sent your dollars to the seller
  • when you went to the casino you exchanged your dollars for chips and went on to enjoy any casino action you wanted using those chips


Now imagine Bitcoin as a casino chip:

  1. you exchange your dollars for Bitcoins
  2. than you store them in your wallet
  3. from this moment, your wallet is like your credit card for a BITCOIN WORLD


BITCOIN WORLD is a place where you are in charge without big brother peeping from behind your shoulder. There is nobody limiting you on your spendings, nobody is checking your credit score or keeping your transactions in statements. In this world there is only two way agreement between you and the second side (sportsbook, casino, seller, customer).

So, it’s YOU who is ALWAYS IN CONTROL and here you can do all the things you used to do before, like:

  • fund an online bitcoin spoortsbook
  • fund an online bitcoin casino or poker room
  • buy goods
  • pay for services
  • getting paid for goods or sevices

As the time goes, more and more companies realizing the advantages of Bitcoin and they are adding a Bitcoin as an option for their customers.

Of course, if you want or need to get out of Bitcoin world you can always get your dollars back if you wish.

You just simply exchange your Bitcoins back for dollars and you are back in the old times.


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